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Welcome to Austin's newest drop-in coworking space and first to offer both a childwatch and cafe. Take advantage of our open workspace, phone booths and drop-in desks. Get your much needed focus time, whether just for an hour, a few hours or on a regular basis.

Why Think Lounge?

Founded by Parents for Parents

As remote working parents of young children, we understand deeply the challenges of balancing career and family. We have designed Think Lounge® to be your one stop shop to get productive or even take a break.

With affordable pricing and flexible scheduling, Think Lounge® is perfectly designed to fit into a busy parent's schedule and budget.

On-Site Childwatch

Unique coworking space with an on-premises, screen-free, play-based childwatch, designed to support working parents.


Safe and Engaging

We offer enriching activities for children aged 18 months to 11 years, tailored to their developmental levels in a nut-free environment.


Dedicated Team

Our caring and passionate staff ensure your child is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your work with peace of mind.


Convenient Access

Our childwatch is directly adjacent to the coworking lounge, providing easy access for parents to check in or attend to their child's needs at any time.

Our values

Supporting Families is at the Heart of Everything we do



We want our customers, staff and larger community to feel supported and treated like family too.



We want our space to battle the isolation of parenthood and bring the community together.



We want to support the pursuit of career, interests and passions, which often take a back seat in early parenthood.



From how we designed the space to the amenities we offer, our goal is to serve, inspire and energize our customers.

What our customers are saying

"Fun safe space for my kiddo!"

The Think Lounge is an ingenious idea, it is great for work from home parents who don’t need full daycare services, I’m so glad it has opened! We came to the Think Lounge for the first time a few weeks ago and we have come back every week since. I bring my son with me and he plays happily in the child watch area while I work in the cafe space! A huge thank you to the owners and staff for making it a welcoming environment and a fun safe space for my kiddo!

Taylor M.

Taylor M.

"Love that the child area is screen free!"

We went opening week and had a great experience! My daughter had a fun time in the child watch area that had plenty of toys to keep her entertained. I love that the child area is screen free! I got lots of focused work done in the cafe and really enjoyed the abundance of natural light and the overall style of the place. Would recommend! For more family friendly recommendations, check out our Instagram account!

Mom Whats Next

Mom Whats Next

"Perfect option for working parents!!"

Beautiful space to work and clean, friendly and playful environment for my child! The owner went above and beyond to make sure my little guy felt comfortable during drop off, which helped me feel at ease while leaving him to work for a few hours. Perfect option for working parents!!

Katelyn S.

Katelyn S.

"Think Lounge supports parents and helps us avoid feeling isolated"

Think Lounge has been a game-changer for me. The childcare service is awesome, and my kids love it there. It’s a super family-friendly place, and having a quiet spot to get my work done has really helped me out. Plus, their coffee shop is awesome. Everyone here is really friendly and supportive, which makes it feel like a real community. As a dad, I appreciate how Think Lounge supports parents and helps us avoid feeling isolated. It's nice to have a parent-focused co-working space where I can focus on my work without worrying about the kids. If you're a parent looking for a co-working space in Austin, I'd definitely recommend Think Lounge.

Joe J.

Joe J.

"It’s a quiet, serene, and aesthetically pleasing place to get work done away from home!"

Im a working mom—I usually work from my home office, but coming here to change up my work environment and just be around other people also working has been really great for my mood and ability to focus. I don’t use the childwatch option because my child is in preschool, but I come here just for myself and it’s been great for my mood and mental well-being to get out of the house. Phone booths are sound proof, chairs and desk setups are comfy, plenty of outlets, fast wifi—it’s a quiet, serene, and aesthetically pleasing place to get work done away from home! If my child’s school is ever closed for whatever reason during the weekday, I’ll definitely be using ThinkLounge’s childwatch option so I don’t need to take time off work.

Jenni W.

Jenni W.

"Jen and the team will take excellent care of you!"

This place is amazing! They provide such a welcoming experience for each customer. If you’re looking to get some work done at a beautiful coworking spot then this is the place to be! They also have a variety of delicious coffees to try out. And their drop-in child watch service is such a fantastic feature if you’re looking to be productive and know that your kiddos are taken care of. Make sure to stop by and Jen and the team will take excellent care of you!

James M.

James M.

"Absolutely amazing coworking space!"

Absolutely amazing coworking space! Their grand opening was today, and I can’t wait to come back to get work done in a peaceful spot!

Wil K.

Wil K.

"Amazing coffee and reliably excellent service. 10/10-"

Awesome (and surprisingly quiet) place for studying with unbeatable prices for child care, beautiful local art on display, amazing coffee and reliably excellent service. 10/10- no notes. 😁👍💯

Mikey M.

Mikey M.

Meet our founders

We started this business because we saw the need for a coworking solution designed specifically for parents of young children. Think Lounge® is a unique place, where parents can focus and kiddos can play - flexible, accessible and practical. We hope Think Lounge® brings convenience, stress-relief and a sense of community to all those who come.